Updated: Nov 7

Spending my mornings in coffee shops

It's just a thing...my thing. There are plenty of coffee shops around Atlanta that I love but Condesa is just a vibe. It's located on John Wesley Dobbs Ave. on the corner. There's hardly ever a lot of people there at one time and the introverted me LOVES that. They have a cute little patio for outside seating or inside for a spacious and inviting atmosphere.

Not only did I spend countless hours in this shop to create this site AND this post that you're currently reading, but it's also a place I like to go to catch up on reading or to simply plan the week ahead. I even made a little reel for IG lol...check it out here!

So here's the thing...

I like to plan stuff...and think. Yep, think and plan that's what I do. If you're a "thinker" and a "planner" like me, why not do it in an area that inspires you? Doesn't have to be a "coffee shop" per se, but who wants to work behind a boring chipped desk when you can find a space that really allows your mind to grow?

Ok, maybe the desk isn't chipped...but you get my point. If you can, and if your daily routine allows, I highly encourage you to get out of your comfort zone and try a new atmosphere...it's a game changer!

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