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Hey guys,
it's me!

Let's talk...

Several months ago, I went on a journey to start living a holistic lifestyle. That lifestyle involved adjusting and getting rid of a lot of things that no longer served who I was as an individual or went along with my core values. Naturally, that also included how I ran my resale business.

I told myself that moving forward, regardless of how lucrative something may be, all of my creative outlets would be reserved exclusively for passion projects. I decided that I was only investing my time and energy into things that were in alignment with my lifestyle and the person that I wanted to be. I've been persistent with that goal...and now we're here. 


Shealyn Ari'el


Our mission at 5TH & JUNIPER is simple: to make sustainable home decor accessible and affordable for everyone.



Zero Waste


We believe that beautiful decor should never come at the cost of the environment or your wallet. That's why we carefully source our products and promote the value of thrifting and shopping secondhand to reduce our carbon footprint, while also creating a unique and personalized space in your home.


We strive to make every effort in the transition to use recycled packaging materials to minimize waste and protect the environment as well! Shop with us, support the mission to create a more sustainable future, and join the movement towards responsible home decor. 

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