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Hey guys, it's me! 

Welcome to 5THANDJUNIPER.COM! This site has literally been YEARS in the making! I've changed, updated, revised, deleted, flat out ignored it, and then FINALLY came to the conclusion to just PUT IT OUT THERE and I'm so glad I did!


I just wanted a creative space to freely express myself & share the things that I love with people who actually care...and let me tell you, the amount of love I've received thus far has been overwhelming! Thank you all so much for your continued support with 5THANDJUNIPER... it only gets better from here! 


Shealyn Ari'el


5TH AND JUNIPER is an Atlanta-based blog that encompasses lifestyle, home decor, personal style & healthy living-based content created and curated by Shealyn Ari'el. Although Shealyn has an eye for clothing and home accents, it was her love for entrepreneurship that truly set the tone and made

5TH AND JUNIPER what it is today. 

Shealyn discovered the world of resale while living in a small two-bedroom basement apartment in 2015. Having a successful, black-owned business was a huge passion of hers and she found that raiding through the closets of family and friends, looking for gently used items to sell online would get her one step closer to her overall goal of working for herself. 

Fast forward to 2022 and a complete company rebrand later,

5TH AND JUNIPER has pushed itself to be one of the fastest-growing online resale boutiques in the US. With now, over 200k followers on Poshmark (and growing), Shealyn continues to resell trendy items not only on the app, but other various online platforms such as eBay, Facebook Marketplace, Instagram, and Whatnot!

We hope you follow along on this growing journey as 5&J Resale is just getting started with Shealyn, her eclectic lifestyle, and small business tips and tricks at the front and center of the brand!


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